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Scrubbing and odour control
  • Engaging employees has environmental benefits
    An innovative approach to managing air quality and noise issues has taken the New South Wales Minerals Council environment award, writes Paula Wallace.. (11/2013)

  • Air emissions: managing health risks
    Len Turczynowicz discusses the evolution of human health risk assessment from environmental pollutants and how risks can be best managed for all stakeholders. (04/2013)

  • Cleaning up a biodiesel plant
    Environmental Biotech successfully turned a biodiesel producer’s wastewater ponds into fats, oil and grease-free zones, successfully dealing with issues of emissions and odour, writes Paula Wallace. (11/2012)

  • How to lessen your carbon tax impact
    The impending carbon tax provides a compelling reason to be measuring emissions accurately, writes Brendan Welsh. (04/2012)

  • Emissions control for sensitive areas
    A dry absorption system is cleaning incinerator flue gases in an environmentally sensitive project, writes Trevor Baud. (12/11)

  • Emissions control in real time
    Continuous monitoring enhances operational control and regulatory outcomes in energy from waste plants and other industrial facilities. Pablo Perez-Reigosa looks to Europe. (12/10)

  • Real-time emissions management
    Managing emissions in the here and now is taking on new meaning as technologies and know-how evolve. By Robin Ormerod. (12/2008)

  • A pleasant smelling breeze in a tight squeeze
    Clean TeQ’s 3D modelling tools helped it custom design an odour control solution for AnaeCo’s showcase ‘DiCOM’ biodiversion technology. By Matthew Lakey.(12/2008)

  • The sweet odour deal
    Mackay Regional Council’s $153m wastewater recycling initiative will sweeten irrigation for the local sugar cane industry. Gary Finke discusses the odour controls. (12/2008)

  • The attraction of odours
    The ins and outs of reducing odours can be complicated, but Virotec ensures that it’s really a case of odour and out. By Andrew Laird. (04/2008)

  • Bioventing for fugitive emissions
    A whiff of change is in the air for low-volume odour as gas streams, thanks to OdaTech’s reinvention of traditional biofiltration systems. By Garth Lamb. (12/2007)

  • Breaking down the safety barriers
    Ingal Civil Products has galvanised its future by building a plant for its safer, best practice manufacturing equipment. By Garth Lamb. (12/2006)

  • Making scents of odour
    A scientific approach to assessing odour attributes is making life much easier for industry and much more pleasant for the community. By John Jiang of EnvironOdour. (12/2006)

  • Area source measurement
    Conducting odour impact assessments can be a tricky business, as many variables can contribute to a reading. Frank Fleer of AWN Consultants sniffs out a solution. (05/2006)

  • Kiln upgrade clears the air at cement works
    Emissions reduction was a priority when Blue Circle Southern Cement spent $93 million upgrading its Berrima works. By Garth Lamb. (12/2005)

  • Diary of an odour reduction project
    After an upsurge in complaints led to a mandatory Pollution Reduction Program at Amcor’s Botany Mill, the company developed a successful three-year plan, report Matt Davies and Raelene Oliver. (06/2005)

  • Biotechnology-based odour control options
    Josef Cesca of CH2M Hill outlines the advantages and shortcomings of different media used in biotechnology-based odour control systems. (12/2004)

  • Odour control tightened in the waste trade
    Innovations in odour control are leading to greater expectations from authorities regulating the waste industry. Report by Richard Collins. (06/2004)

  • Winning the war on odour
    Strong odours will provoke even the most easygoing neighbours. The Norske Skog paper mill in Albury stepped up its battle against this nuisance, as John Day told the Victorian Engineers and Operators conference. (12/2003)

  • The treatment and the cure
    After a decade of complaints, Gosford Council found a new solution to its sewerage problems. (12/2003)

  • Safety first
    Dry media gas scrubbers offer safety advantages, convenience and long-term savings. (12/2002)

  • Talking turbo
    New fluid bed scrubbers are outperforming their forerunners in every way, writes Dr Julian Higgs, from The Environmental Group Ltd (EGL). (07/2002)

  • Emission impossible
    A new abattoir and by-products plant has set a new industry standard for odour collection and control, writes Terry Schulz of The Odour Unit. (12/2001)

  • Pinging the pong the modern way
    ORICA Watercare's Jason Cotton and Stuart Harrison, with technical input from ICI Synetix, discuss the current approach to scrubbing away foul odours. (04/2001)

  • New way to sweeten sewers
    Magnesium hydroxide liquid is a 'new' approach to treating the problem of odour and corrosion within sewage collection systems. (12/00)

  • Dynamic analyser for what's on the nose
    University of NSW researchers have brought science to bear on odour analysis with next-generation technology. The head of the team, John Jiang, reports on what they've been up to. (12/2000)

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